Colorado’s Flying Trapeze Club

The Imperial Flyers is an amateur flying trapeze club in Westminster, Colorado. We are not a school; we do not give instruction, host birthday parties, or entertain groups. However, we do provide limited opportunities for beginners to try flying trapeze at our rig during summer Open House events.

2018 Open House events will start again in May 2018.

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We are a group of enthusiasts who support and encourage each other in our enjoyment of flying trapeze. We were founded sometime around 1928 and are probably the oldest continuously-operating flying trapeze club in the world. Our rig is outside, so wind, rain, and snow affect whether or not we can fly. Because of this, we can generally only accommodate guests between the months of May and September.*

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*Visiting flyers are welcome to fly with us, but please DO NOT show up at the rig without calling ahead. Beginners must first join us for an Open House event before coming to regular flying times.

A Trapeze Open House Poem by Catcher Bruce Lonnecker

We swing as if on a breeze,
On our rig that’s as high as the trees.
Sign waiver; have endurance;
Bring your card of insurance,
And fly with the greatest of ease.

Each month we offer our rig,
To people whose bravery is big.
For twenty bucks you
Can do what we do.
It might be a thing that you’ll dig!

Most Recent Imperial Flyers Videos: