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Open House for Beginners:

Between the months of May and September, you can join Imperial Flyers for one of our Open House events. For $20 we’ll give you the basics on the ground, lock you into safety lines, and let you fly!

    • Payment must be made ahead of time via Paypal (see below; please don’t just show up and expect to fly, as we are always sold out).
    • Please arrive on time.
    • Sign up as soon as possible, as we limit the number of flyers to 20.
    • First-time flyers must attend an Open House event before joining us to fly at other times.
    • Warning: Trapeze is addictive! After attending an Open House, you might find yourself craving more. Check out membership information here.

Payment: $20 per person, paid in advance via Paypal

Refunds: If you need to cancel, contact us and we will issue you a refund via Paypal up to 48 hours before the Open House for which you signed up. Within 48 hours of the event, no refunds are possible. If we need to cancel the event due to inclement weather, we will issue you a refund. 

Cancellations: Please advise us if you have to cancel, so we can give someone else your spot (space is limited, and we almost always sell out). Please use this form to cancel your reservation.

What You Need: Wear work-out clothes and socks. Bring water to drink, your health insurance card, and a signed copy of this liability waiver. Children must have the waiver signed by a legal guardian and notarized if a legal guardian will not be present.

Physical Fitness Requirement: To swing on a flying trapeze, you must be able to climb a 25+ foot vertical ladder and stand upright while holding a 15-pound bar out in front of you. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, please consult a doctor before participating in this activity.

Weather Policy: Because our rig is outdoors, Open House events are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. We won’t cancel until two hours before the event, so be sure to check the Twitter sidebar on this website for updates or follow us on Twitter by clicking the link below.

Disclaimer: We are not professional trapeze teachers or coaches, and no Imperial Flyers member makes any money doing this. Everyone who puts in time at the rig does so on a purely volunteer basis. We all have other jobs and simply fly trapeze because we love to do it and enjoy the challenge. Some of us do it better than others — we all have much to learn, but we are willing to share what we know and hope that anyone who joins us does so in that same spirit.

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Returning and Experienced Flyers:

If you have flown at other rigs, please call Paula (303-426-7455) or write us to make a reservation to come fly. Once you have completed an Open House event, you are also welcome to come fly with us at other times, but you do need to contact us first. Do NOT show up at the rig without a reservation.


Click here for directions to our rig.


Every person using the rig must sign a waiver and show proof of health insurance. Download the waiver HERE.


$20 per person. See our Membership Information page for annual dues.


Please check out the aptly-named Membership Information page for membership information.