You wake up to a beautiful view of the sun rising on the jagged flatiron peaks of Boulder. As you enjoy the scent of coffee brewing in your French press, you contemplate the day ahead. You just can’t wait until 5:30 rolls around, so you can hang the bar and take your first swing. You’re looking forward to seeing everyone, sharing a great day of flying, and then winding down with a beer.

That is a day in the life of an Imperial Flyer (in summer, at least).


Are you an avid flyer who wants to be able to learn at your own pace? Would you like to live in a beautiful place and be a part of something incredible? If you’re up in the air right now (literally and figuratively), consider joining us out at Imperial Flyers!

  • Least expensive rig in the country
  • Fun group of people
  • A history to be proud of
  • Easiest place to learn and excel

It’s not perfect, of course. The winters are tough, and we don’t get to fly much between Thanksgiving and March. Also, membership requires that you pitch in and lend a hand. We are not a school. Nobody gets paid. Everybody helps with beginner days, maintenance days, etc., but the outcome of our hard work is that we have an awesome place to fly.

You won’t be the first person who moved to Colorado to fly with us. Get details about membership here.

*Please note that we are not necessarily child-oriented, as crude jokes are regularly dropped, and we don’t offer “classes” that are conducive to children. We welcome mature young adults, though, whose parents fully understand what to expect from us.